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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amanda & Tyler | Wedding Preview

There are so many pictures I want to show you from this wedding! Amanda is just stunning (first picture in this blog is proof). Plus I adore outdoor weddings and this one wasn't an exception. The weather was perfect, the people were amazing, and it was just an all around great day! at04 at02 at03 at01 at05 at06 at07
There are plenty more pictures so stay tuned! Tyler & Amanda: I hope your having a blast on your honeymoon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Engaged!!

Will planned the perfect date for us last Saturday that included a fancy dinner, an orchestra (André Rieu), Cheesecake Factory, and (my favorite part) a proposal! I thought I'd share some pictures with you to show off my amazing fiance!
Right before our date, taken by the lovely Megan at Family Video:
Afterwards at the Cheesecake Factory
engaged2 engaged3
My new accessory is simply stunning, though I might be a bit biased!
engaged4 engaged5
This was waiting for me on Tuesday morning!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Anna & Danny | Wedding

As always, here's more pictures that I promised. I figure everyone can always use another dose of Anna's gorgeous smile. She was just radiating happiness the entire day! Anna & Danny: I had a great time working with you! Hope your Honeymoon was amazing! ad01 ad02 ad03 ad04 ad05 ad06 ad07 ad08 ad09 ad10 ad11 ad12 ad13 ad14 ad15 ad15a ad16 ad17 ad18 ad19 ad20 AD21 ad22ad23 ad24 ad25 ad26

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sheena | Senior Pictures

This is my sister and I think she's adorable! This session started in New York City and ended in a park around the corner from my apartment. Love you Sheena! sheena01 sheena02 sheena03 sheena01 sheena05 sheena06 sheena07 sheena08 sheena09 copy sheena10