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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love...

sunshine & grass. I love all of the signs of Spring. Here's some other things I love right now:

*Watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with my sisters.

*Fantastical colloquies with Sheena.

*Whimsical photo shoots with Chelsie.

*New Super Mario Bros for the Wii...which is on it's way to me right now!

*Shopping with friends I haven't seen in months, which leads to the next one...

*Dresses from Maurices and the heels that go perfect with them. [see photo below]

*Crayola window markers and using them to make a leprechaun & "pot 'o movies" on the Family Video windows.

*Successfully finishing the Fountainhead. Now I get to start on some Jane Austen!

*Girl Scout cookies!

*Stella. Or my Canon 5D Mark II if you don't remember her name is Stella.

*Baking and sharing treats. ...such as the strawberry cake that is currently in the oven!


  1. Love how that pink pops in your shots.

  2. Man I pick out cute clothes. P.S. we need a shoot with you in them!

  3. Sheena's already envisioning the shoot with one of these days, Shateau, you may get your wish.