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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nicole + TJ: Wedding

I loved logging into Facebook throughout the time I've known Nicole and seeing her current Facebook status. She is consistently revealing her love for life and her excitement to marry her best friend.

I met up with Nicole and two of her friends for her hair appointment. About half-way through getting her hair done she announced that she felt beautiful, more beautiful than any other day before. Trust me, she is absolutely stunning! Every woman should feel that beautiful more often.

The first time that I seen TJ that day, you could feel his happiness. He couldn't wait to see his bride. It's impossible to not notice how much he adores her.

June 19th was definitely a good day.

As these two amazing people wish for their pictures to be kept anonymous, I will share just a couple details from their day with you. Enjoy!
I don't think I mentioned the best part: their wedding was at a zoo! With a special appearance from a hedgehog, parrot, and the little alligator below!
Nicole & TJ: Thanks for choosing me as your photographer! You two are such beautiful people inside & out.

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