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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Day Wedding: The Dress

You may remember back in February, I posted a blog about a bride who was making her own wedding dress. The wedding was on Saturday and everything turned out beautifully. Not only did the bride make her own dress, she also made the centerpieces, parasols for the bridesmaids, a lovely cape/veil, flower basket, and more! I'll post some shots of all her craftiness in the next blog.

And now, for the main event...the finished dress in all its glory!:

The bride made these little flowers to put on her cape-veil and in her hair.

The sanctuary was...well perfect! There were doves hanging from the ceiling and I loved the set up. I'll give you one more sneak peek of the wedding...

Hope you all had a fantastic May Day! I'll be back with more photos soon!

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