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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun with Felt

With some inspiration from Princess Lasertron, I have been making things from felt lately. First of all, let me show you what I mean:

She makes beautiful bouquets and such out of felt and buttons & I'm in love with her work! So, I've decided to play around with felt as well. First, I made Brad a heart (in Cubs colors) along with a felt card. I need to make more felt cards, I love them!
(The back of the heart had a little pocket for his I-Tunes gift card!


"Be Mine?"

Next up on the list were Easter baskets for my two sisters and Brad. (There seems to be some holiday theme going on here.)

Lastly, I made myself a little pouch to carry around my CF cards and batteries. I've found that clothes-pinning it shut helps keep them inside.

I'm going to test out this little pouch *hopefully* in an hour. My cousins are coming for a family photo-shoot and I'm praying the rain holds off long enough! Hopefully you'll get some teaser pictures by the end of today!

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