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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Search Continues: 5 more to the list

I have been a busy bee lately, with only 16 more days untill graduation things have been interesting. In my spare time, I've been searching for more album options. There are so many great choices out there!

First is Kingston albums by Bay Photo. These flush albums offer a variety of cover options.

Bay Photo Albums

Next is KISS albums. They are simple yet amazing! These albums only offer leather covers, but they offer them in great colors:

KISS Albums

Collages albums are another great option:
Collages Albums

Bijou from Pictobooks allows you to put designs on the cover. They offer a variety of cover colors and fabrics.

Pictobooks Albums

Lastly I found Finao. These albums offer variety of cover options including two-tone and patterns.
Finao Albums

You can check out these websites anytime and look at the variety of options they provide!

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