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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sisterly Love...

I got my big paper done, now I need to start on 2 little ones, I sent out the majority of my invites, and this week/end is VEISHEA (hope it doesn't rain too much). But this post is the last one about last weekend with my sisters.

First off, whenever Sheena's around, I tend to give her a chance to play around with the camera. Thus, most of the pictures are hers:

We love shoes :-)

The Anytime at Hot Topic

Photobucket's me...

All above pictures taken by Sheena & edited by me!

As much as Sheena loves to work on her camera skills...she HATES to be in front of the camera! You pretty much have to force her, as I did here:

See, isn't she adorable? :-)

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