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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jenna + Drew: Engaged!!!

I love spending time with happy people...just gives you warm fuzzies inside. Speaking of happy people, I have more pictures of Jenna & Drew! These two met at Iowa State in Biology we wandered around campus for a while, played in the tiers in the library where we found a microbiology book for the ring shot, then went over to the new Alumni building to give Cy some love. After that, we got their "baby", Regis to pose for a picture or two. Thank you both! I hope you love your pictures & I can't wait until your wedding in July!

I just love these two...they're just too cute!

Fun at the library :-)

Ring shot!

Everyone loves Cy!...he's the bird of my dreams...

And last...but not least...Regis with his family :-)

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