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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trenton's Birthday

I went home for my little brother's 13th birthday (on Oct. 16th). I made him a yummy chocolate cake, went shopping with mom for his new hoodie (his other present hadn't made it in time...), and wrapped it up with awesome Toy Story wrapping paper! He even let me *attempt* to work his bow...but I'm a total wimp & he definitely showed me up.

Me & Trenton

Playin with Franky :-)

Sheena gets the credit for a few...ok, most of the pictures on this blog. :-) Really, she won't let me take pictures of her, she just steals the camera from me whenever I'm around. Y'all need to leave a comment on how much you want to see some photos of her so I can convince her to model for me!

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  1. very cute blog! love the one of you with the bow! haha. i cant ever pull em back enough to do much good!! and wow i cant beleive how big trenton is now.. seems crazy.. and as much as i love seeing sheenas progress with pictures i would love to see her in front of tha camera too. thats been years and she used to take such cute photos!! they are in high request right now!! lol. and the latest engagment session is very cute aswell. love thats it was in the library! lol!