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Thursday, October 1, 2009


While editing my latest batch of pictures, I started thinking about my goals. You see, when starting this photography business I didn't really have any. I went into it just to see what would happen. I've tried planning things out (I do love to plan) and then my plans went all topsy-turvey and I'm now I'm here writing this to you. As it turns out, I'm really enjoying my non-planned photography business.
So, here are those goals:

1. Upgrade to a new camera.
~I'm looking to make this a reality before my next wedding (which is in May!) Which leads me to my next goal...

2. Re-evaluate pricing.
~Regular photo-session and senior session pricing will be changing at the beginning of the year.
I still refuse to do the "pay-by-the-hour" photo-sessions. I don't like to be controlled by the time and for my previous clients, don't you think it's more fun when we're not rushed?
Thus my pricing will be changing to support the amount of care and quality I put into my work. I often spend 1-3 hours with family sessions and usually provide around 50 edited photos from your session.

~I will also be working on developing pricing for 2011 weddings. Right now I have a "One price fits all" kind of package. You all know I don't like hourly limits, so I was considering a package that included it all (getting ready to the garter-toss/banquet know, what I do now) and then a package that was just for the ceremony and some formals, one just for formals, ceremony, and reception, etc.

This way it wouldn't be hourly, but you could still choose when you needed me.

3. Upgrade blog.
~I like blogger, it's handy...but have you noticed how small the pictures are? Ya, I don't like that much either. I'm hoping to upgrade to wordpress sometime next year. Bigger pictures, sleek design, I can see it now...

4. Update website.
~I think that's a project for November. There are still no wedding photos posted under galleries, which needs to be fixed. I also need to add variety to the photos in the galleries since I've gotten the opportunity to take pictures of so many wonderful people this past summer/fall. My October weekends are booked right now, so after I get all those photos edited I will have time to update the website.

5. Expand my horizons...photographically speaking.
~I don't know about you, but I have noticed that I'm severely lacking on Senior, Maternity, and newborn photos. Lets fix this! I'm going to recruit you to find a reason (any reason)...wait! You don't even need a reason, just get a hold of me and tell me we're doing a photo-shoot! Lets have fun and celebrate you by taking some about it?

~This leads me to believe I should get some kind of referral program in place. Any ideas? I would love to hear your opinions!!

And because a photographer's blog post isn't right without a picture, here's one from the Iowa State Fair this past August:

Please leave comments, thoughts, ideas, etc. I love to hear from you!

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